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All About Me

It was when I was going through my own cancer journey that I recognized the benefits of support from my peers and community. I began to support others in similar circumstances and that was the beginning of my passion to be a part of a support system for those going through difficult times.

My volunteer work with hospice sparked a particular interest in bereavement.

Since embarking on this path, I have explored many training opportunities to expand my knowledge of grief and bereavement. 

If you want to dig deep and process your loss, I will gently, compassionately, and enthusiastically support your efforts, bringing to our sessions my knowledge as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist®, a Personal Empowerment Coach©(the S.W.A.T. Institute), a Gentle Trauma Release©Practitioner(IT) and a Yoga/Meditation Teacher RYT®200.

It is my privilege to walk with those who are grieving.

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